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We are glad you came to check out what’s going on behind The River Community Church. Wherever you are in your relationship with Jesus Christ or the church, it is our desire to create a safe space for you to get into the things of God.

The River is for all kinds of people. The River is for people who don’t usually feel safe exploring God in a church. The River is for people who have been hurt in the name of religion. The River is for people who haven’t heard very much about the gracious, loving, and forgiving God of the Bible. The River is for people who crave the opportunity to be honest about failings, brokenness, depression, and grief. The River is for longtime followers of Jesus who want to serve God in the Valley. The River is for people who long to follow Jesus authentically laying aside the hindrances of religiosity. The River is for people who have a hundred intellectual barriers to taking Jesus or the Bible seriously.

At The River Community Church we are led by Jesus Christ to serve our community, encourage one another, and empower everyday leaders, so all may Declare His Glory!

A New Beginning! 

If you like to be at the start something new, you are in the right place. Easter is a perfect time to start fresh... Why? Because, in a way, God said "Enough!" 

Isn't that one of life's big questions, "Am I doing enough?" "How much higher up this ladder do I need to get to be enough?" "Will all the things I've done be enough to out weigh the bad things?" 

Well God has said "ENOUGH!" But when HE did it looks more like, "I AM ENOUGH" "Jesus is Enough!" "Enough of your attempts to do it on your own, that was never the plan." 

Please join us and say "enough." You do not need to do this on your own. There is no ladder to climb. We are group of people who are saying enough and striving to hear His voice and lay down our ladders so that we can follow the one who is WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in Hudson

We meet at Hudson Prairie Elementary 
1400 Carmichael Rd, 
Hudson, WI 54016

Adjacent to the Middle School

River Church
Currently disabled.
You may donate during the
worship service or by mail at
200 County Road E
Houlton, WI 54082
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